Diagnostic interface traffic sign recognition for Audi A6 4G, A7 4G

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  • 接口激活交通标志识别VZE
  • 所支持的速度限制显示在FIS /平视显示
  • 适用于奥迪A6 4G,4G A7


  • 欧洲
  • 日本
  • 英国


  • 诊断接口


  • 仅适用于导航加车(PR号:7T6或7UG)
  • 在不正确识别的字符的情况下,更新从控制图像处理部所需要(直至并包括索引d)
  • 车辆的活化之后要被编码。请访问到专业修理与诊断软件
  • 仅适用于诊断地址8E车辆(包括与ACC所有车辆,PR没有。8T4)

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KUFATEC diagnostic interface

  • Interface to activate the traffic sign recognition
  • The supported speed limits are displayed in the FIS / Head-Up Display
  • Suitable for Audi A6 4G, A7 4G

Available regions:

  • Europa
  • Japan
  • Great Britain

Scope of delivery:

  • Diagnostic interface


  • only suitable for vehicles with navigation plus (PR-No.: 7T6 or 7UG)
  • At faulty recognition of the traffic signs, the control unit for image processing need to be updated. (up to including index D)
  • After the activation you need to code the vehicle. Please contact a professional Workshop with diagnostoc software
  • Only for vehicles with diagnostic adress 8E (for example all vehicle with ACC)