Coding interface Audi Q5 LED Rear Lights Facelift

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Coding interface Audi Q5 LED Rear Lights Facelift

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  • 接口后换装LED尾灯奥迪Q5最终编码-进行了改造
  • 适配器方便地连接到OBD接口 -完成!
  • 该界面千篇一律自动完全改造的现有车辆代码
  • 如果换装设置或改款Adpater本身没有依据的Kufatec GMBH&Co. KG的无功能保修


  • 诊断接口


  • 仅适用于车辆高达模型2012年
  • 诊断接口可重复使用的(只为一个整车)

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Kufatec Diagnostic Interface

  • Interface to the final encoding when a FACELIFT LED rear light Audi Q5 - was retrofitted
  • Connect adapters easily to the OBD port of the car - Done!
  • The interface adjusts automatically to the retrofitting of the existing vehicle code
  • No performance guarantee when the facelift set or the facelift adpater itself was not based on the Kufatec GmbH & Co. KG

Scope of delivery

  • Diagnostic Interface


  • Only suitable for vehicles up to model year 2012
  • Diagnosis interface reusable (for one vehicle)