Diagnostic Interface RMC

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Diagnostic Interface RMC

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Retrofit kit:


  • 接口与RMC车辆最终编码
  • 适配器方便地连接到OBD接口 -准备好了!
  • 该界面千篇一律全自动改造现有的车辆代码
  • 出现在CAR菜单项“停车辅助”这个接口。仍然需要通过诊断系统,该车辆的编码。


  • RMC - 倒车摄像头
  • RMC - 停车辅助(前+后)


  • 诊断接口


  • 只有适合与FO的连接主要部件
  • 如果不改造有限公司Kufatec&Co. KG的被购买无功能保修
  • 诊断接口可多次使用 - 但仅用于同一车辆

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 Kufatec Diagnostic Interface

  • Interface to the final coding for vehicles with RMC
  • Simply connect the adapter to the vehicle's OBD port - Done!
  • Once the interface has been connected to the OBD-port the retrofitting will be adjusted automatically to the current coding of the vehicle
  • This interface let appear/add the entry "parking aid" in the CAR menu. An encoding of the vehicle using diagnostic system is still required.

Fits the following retrofits

  • RMC - rear view camera
  • RMC - PDC (front + rear)


Scope of delivery

  • Diagnostic Interface


  • Only suitable for mainunits with fiber optic connection
  • No function warranty if the retrofittings don´t were purchased at Kufatec GmbH & Co. KG
  • Diagnostic interface can be used several times - But only for the same vehicle