Diagnostic Interface FISCON Pro BMW F-Serie

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Diagnostic Interface FISCON Pro BMW F-Serie

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Codier Interface Pro F-Series:


  • 适合安装的FISCON临免提宝马 - F系列-物品38975或38975-1。
  • 适用于F系列的下列收音机/导航装置
    • 专业导航
    • 导航业务
    • 无线电不是职业(在准备阶段,目前只能在现场)
  • 不适合的E系列机型
  • 成品 - 安装简单的OBD接口连接后,诊断适配器!
  • 车辆是独立编码的FISCON免提
  • 编码是自动的。开始和结束


  • 诊断接口


  • 诊断接口只能使用一次

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Kufatec Diagnostic Interface

  • Suitable for the retrofitting of FISCON Pro F-Series hands free system - item number 38975 or 38975-1
  • Suitable for F-series vehicles
    • Navigation Professional
    • Navigation Bussines
    • Radio Professional (not availble at this Moment, only here in Bad Segeberg)
  • Not Suitable for E-series vehicles
  • After fitting the coding interface will be connected to the OBD-diagnosis
  • Coding will be automatically completed once you plug it into the OBD-diagnosis
  • The vehicle will be automatically coded to FISCON Bluetooth hands free system

Scope of delivery

  • Diagnostic Interface


  • Diagnostic interface can only be used once