Adapter LED Daytime Running Lights - VW Golf 6, Xenon

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Adapter LED Daytime Running Lights - VW Golf 6, Xenon

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Model No: 37854

Product features

Lights version:
  • 大众高尔夫6款车型(适用于生产周期为KW45 / 2009的车辆)改装LED日间行车灯(高尔夫R系列)的特定适配器套件
  • 此外,还需要R版原装高尔夫6前部和LED日间行车灯
  • 工厂安装的雾灯必须卸载
  • 集成LED发光二极管的一流设计
  • 简单的即插即用安装
  • 安装后,带有诊断接口产品编号的车辆。 37866或37866-1进行编码



  • Golf R LED日间行车灯适配器套装


  • 对于生产周期为KW45 / 2009的车辆
  • 如果您不确定生产周,请从中央控制单元(BCM)下载软件索引:
    • 中央控制单元(BCM)必须具有575的软件版本
    • SW从500 - 573可以更新,请询问我们
  • 对于软件指数低于500的BCM,必须更换BCM(部件号37697)
  • 文章没有。未使用37866或37866-1,我们不保证功能
  • 不适合左手交通,不适合美国
  • 不适合高尔夫6庄园
  • 不包括原装Golf R TFL

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  • Specific adapters in order to retrofit the LED daytime running lights (factory fitted into Golf R line) VW Golf 6 VI (for vehicles after week of production 45/2009)
  • The original Golf 6 front (R-version) as well as the LED DRL will be needed in addition
  • Factory fitted fog lights needs to be removed
  • Awesome design through integrated LED design
  • Easy Plug & Play installation
  • After installation you need to code the vehicle by using diagnostic interface article-ID 37866 or 37866-1

Selected option:

  • Xenon

Scope of delivery:

  • Adapters


  • Only for vehicles after week of production 45/2009
  • In case you are not sure about the week of production please check the software index of the control unit (BCM) for central electric with your local VW dealer
    • The control unit (BCM) has to have a software index  575
    • software from 500 to 573 can be updated, please ask us
  • For control unit (BCM) with software index lower then 500 you must replacing the BCM to a higher software index  (item nr. 37697)
  • In case of not using item 37866  or 37866-1 we do not guaranty for functionality
  • Not suitable for right hand drive, not suitable for USA
  • Not suitable for Golf 6 Variant
  • Original led daytime running lights are not part of the delivery