Cruise Control - Retrofit for Audi A6 4B, VW Passat 3BG

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Cruise Control - Retrofit for Audi A6 4B, VW Passat 3BG

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Model No: 33766
  • GRA(巡航控制系统)的巡航在奥迪A6 4B,大众帕萨特3BG改造全套
  • 该套件可让您使用以下功能:
    • 设定速度
    • 加快
    • 延迟
    • 去年创纪录的速度再次存储
  • 适合与柴油的变体的车辆(TDI)或具有电子节气门汽油发动机


  • 原来的控制杆
  • 马具


  • GRA的 - 功能必须用诊断装置经由发动机控制装置被激活(启动)

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  • Retrofit kit in order to retrofit the original cruise control into Audi A6 4B, VW Passat 3BG
  • Features
    • Set the pace
    • Accelerate
    • Decelerate
    • Getting back to the pace you last stored

Scope of delivery:

  • Original control stalk
  • Wiring


  • Please keep in mind that you need to recode your ECU in order to be able to use the cruise control - this should be no problem for your Audi dealer
  • Suitable for vehicles equipped with Diesel engines or gasoline
  • Only suitable for vehicles with EPC (electronic power control)