Cable set Cruise Control for VW Polo 9N , Seat Ibiza 6L

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Cable set Cruise Control for VW Polo 9N , Seat Ibiza 6L

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Model No: 33723
  • 电缆套件用于马球9N改装GRA(巡航控制)(所有类型)和座椅伊维萨6L
  • 这个线束提供转向柱杆和发动机控制单元前之间的连接
  • 巡航控制功能:
    • 设定速度
    • 加快
    • 延迟
    • 再次创纪录的速度最后记忆


  • 马具


  • 安装Bordentzsteuergeräts的零件号之前,必须进行检查。请联系授权经销商
  • 随着网络控制单元零件号6Q2 ......安装是不可能的
  • 的GRA - 功能由诊断经由发动机控制装置解锁(启用)
  • 我们还需要对车辆的年度信息(例如04/03)
  • 不适合于发动机与44KW / 60 PS变体和低于该额定功率变

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  • Specific cable set for retrofitting a speed control system (cruise control) in the Polo 9N (all models) and Seat Ibiza 6L
  • This cable set establishes the connection between the steering column lever and the engine control unit
  • Features:
    • Set the pace
    • Accelerate
    • Decelerate
    • Getting back to the pace you last stored

Scope of delivery:

  • cable set


  • Before starting installation you need to check the part number of the control unit for onboard electric. Please contact your local dealer
  • In case of part number 6Q2 ... ... the installation is not possible
  • After Installation you need to code the system to cruise control
  • Not suitable for engine version 44KW/ 60 HP as well as versions below