Complete kit Active Sound incl. Sound Booster for Ford Kuga

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KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro

The Sound Booster Pro – now with software to download

声音助推器临模拟 大容量发动机 (V6 / V8),并形成了独特的声音特性。这种积极的音响系统你得到强大的发动机和排气的声音在你的指尖。



  • 该系统是奥迪,它被安装在工厂与313马力的所有TDI发动机知
  • 外部声音发生器模拟大型体积马达并且部分典型TDI噪声淹没,从而
  • 此声音与任何运动排气系统来实现
  • 在KUFATEC声音助推器临给出整个系统的一个独特的声音
  • 强烈V6 / V8声音(取决于配置)
  • LED状态指示灯 ,便于安装
  • 你甚至可以六种音效曲线之间进行选择
  • 简介1提供了一个非常体面的声音对噪音敏感区域
  • 声音资料选项,无论是与按钮,单选遥控器或车辆集成操作 Ž。 B·克鲁斯控制
  • 按钮,我们建议(在驾驶员的脚部空间ž。B.)安装前
  • 有关配置文件和地图的适应性免费软件




  • 发动机噪声生成控制单元
  • 外部噪声发生器INC。支架
  • 声音助推器临(模块)
  • 马具


  • 购买前请下载的说明,检查设在车底空间
  • 这个改造改变车辆的噪音,交通法规的规定,必须遵守

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The Sound Booster Pro simulates a large volume engine (V6 / V8) or rather develops its own sound characteristics. You get powerful engine and exhaust sound at the push of a button with this Active Sound System.

KUFATEC is the Sound Booster Pro for almost every car make and model. The prerequisite is a CAN BUS system. With this vehicle specific kit for Ford Kuga you get the sound generator already with the suitable holder for the vehicle model and do not need any more welding or drilling.

The system at a glance:

  • this system is known by Audi, where it is installed ex works on every TDI engine with 313 HP
  • the sound generator simulates a large volume engine and partly downs out the typical TDI tone
  • no exhaust system can reach this sound
  • the KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro grants an unique sound to the whole system
  • a powerful V6 / V8 engine sound (depending on settings)
  • LED status signaling for an installation without problems
  • choose between up to 6 sound profiles
  • profile 1 provides a very modest sound for noise protection areas
  • change profiles with the push button, a remote control or with car integrated control possibilities e. g. cruise control
  • the push button should be installed at the front area (e.g. driver footwell)
  • adjust profiles and diagrams with the free software

Before purchase:

Please download the installation manual before buying the product and check, if your car offers enough space for the sound generator at the provided place at the underbody of the car.

In individual cases it is possible that the provided position at the cars underbody doesn't offer enough space due to different equipment and variants of the same car model.

Scope of delivery:

  • control unit for engine sound generation
  • external sound generator incl. mounting plate
  • Sound Booster Pro (module)
  • cable set


  • please download the instructions before the purchase and check the space on the underbody of the car
  • please keep in mind that in some countries the law prohibit to use this Sound Booster on street because of the high noise emission
KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro: