Climatronic cable set for VW Golf 4, Bora

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Climatronic cable set for VW Golf 4, Bora

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Model No: 33346
  • 为了从一个系统的Climatronic为以下车辆上的标准空调升级特定布线:
    • 大众高尔夫4
    • 大众宝来
  • 这个线束提供通风箱和风扇控制单元和前温度传感器之间的连接
  • 它仍然被用于所有组件连接到中央电气


  • 马具


  • 该电缆组只适用于具有16针连接器盒的空气
  • 对于简单的改造,我们建议采用以下步骤:
    • 排空空气调节装置(制冷剂)
    • (前移除无线电和仪表)扩展仪表板
    • 整个通风箱更换
    • 连接和安装在控制单元的与电缆设置为gehörigem
    • 使用可选的电缆组连接的通风箱
    • 以相反的顺序所有组件的安装
    • 连接所述风扇控制器和温度传感器
    • 灌装Climatronic自动空调

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  • specific cable set for the conversion of a standard air conditioner to a Climatronic system for the following vehicles:
    • VW Golf 4
    • VW Bora
  • This cable set establishes the connection between ventilation box and fan control unit as well as the temperature sensor
  • Furthermore, it serves to connect all components to the central electrics

Scope of delivery:

  • cable set


  • This cable set is only suitable for air conditioning boxes with a 16 pin connector
  • For an uncomplicated conversion, we recommend the following procedure:
    • Emptying the air conditioning system (refrigerant)
    • Remove dashboard (previously remove radio and instrument cluster)
    • Replacement of the entire ventilation box
    • Connection and installation of the control unit and the associated cable set
    • Connection of the ventilation box with the optionally available cable set
    • Installation of all components in reverse order
    • Connection fan control unit and temperature sensor
    • Filling the Climatronic