TV Tuner harness with Fiber Optic - MMI 3G

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TV Tuner harness with Fiber Optic - MMI 3G

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  • 对于原始电视调谐器的改装组特定的电缆
  • 此外,要求以下组件:
    • 原始电视调谐器
    • 原创电视天线模块
    • 对天线模块电缆组
  • 电视系统易于安装,由于精确的生产线


  • 12针
  • 20针


  • 马具
  • 线束纤维
  • 同轴连接


  • 仅适用于带MMI 3G导航加上车辆(PR号:7T6)
  • 的匹配视频 - 在 - 适配器改装以下多媒体设备,我们还提供:
    • DVD播放机
    • DVB-T
    • 游戏机
  • 安装完毕后,车辆需要进行编码与诊断电视功能

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  • Specific set of cables for the retrofit of an original TV receiver
  • Following components will be neede in addition:
    • Original TV receicer
    • Original TV antenna modules
    • Wiring for original antenna modules
  • Easy installation of the TV receiver due to precise measured harness


Scope of Delivery

  • Set of Cables
  • Fiber optic
  • Coaxial connector


  • Only for vehicles equipped with MMI 3G Navigation Plus (PR-Nr.: 7T6)
  • The Video-In adapter is also available  for installing:
    • DVD Player
    • DVB-T
    • Playstation
  • After installation is done the vehicle must be recoded via diagnosis