TV Receiver Harness for BMW CCC Professional

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TV Receiver Harness for BMW CCC Professional

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Hands free factory fitted?:
  • 对于原始电视调谐器的改装宝马CCC专业组特定的电缆
  • 适用于导航CCC专业
  • 长度:5.5米
  • 还需要以下组件:
    • OEM电视接收
    • 电视天线模块
  • 安装完毕后,车辆必须与诊断接口的文章。被编码37827


  • 装有FSE厂
  • 没有安装FSE厂


  • 马具


  • 不适合与工厂车辆装后视摄像机
  • 不适合与识别模型 - Fxx的
  • 产品选项:FSE =免提

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  • Specific wiring required for the retrofit of an original TV receiver to BMW vehicles with head unit CCC professional
  • Length: 5.5 m
  • Following item swill be needed in addition:
    • OEM TV receiver
    • TV antenna modules
  • After installation you need to code the vehicle by using diagnostic interface article-ID 37827

Selectable options:

  • Hands free factory fitted
  • no hands free factory fitted

Scope of delivery:

  • Wiring


  • Not suitable for vehicles with factory fitted rear view camera
  • Not suitable for models with identifier - Fxx