KUFATEC A2DP Bluetooth Plug and Play Music Receiver

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Model No: 41026-N
  • 该KUFATEC A2DP蓝牙即插即用音乐接收器通过AUX端口从移动电话提供了可能性音乐车辆/家庭影院播放系统
  • 在同一时间有可能连接两个不同的设备
  • 创新的设计没有按键,最小包装


  • 电压:通过USB
  • 蓝牙4.0
  • A2DPv1.2
  • AAC / MP3 / SBC音频
  • 频率范围:为20Hz-20kHz的
  • USB接口供电
  • 3.5插孔的AUX插口
  • 外形尺寸42×13×5mm的


  • KUFATEC A2DP蓝牙即插即用音乐接收器
  • 50厘米扩展3.5毫米


  • 车辆必须有一个AUX或多媒体接口(如MDI,AMI)
  • 两款器件可与连接的设备,但它仍然可以播放音乐只有一台设备
  • 已知的装置的自动连接
  • 该装置可安装的视线,因为它没有旋钮或按键,必须提供
  • 如果车辆没有USB接口必须通过点烟器用于项目38097供电

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  • The KUFATEC A2DP Bluetooth Plug and Play Music Receiver offers the possibility to play music from your mobile phone via the AUX port on the vehicle / home theater system.
  • Connecting two different devices at the same time is possible.
  • Innovative small design without buttons.

Technical specificatons

  • Voltage: via USB
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • A2DP v1.2
  • AAC / MP3 / SBC audio
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz
  • 3.5 mm jack for AUX
  • Dimensions 42 x 13 x 5 mm

Scope of delivery

  • KUFATEC A2DP Bluetooth Plug and Play Music Receiver
  • 50 cm extension 3.5 mm Jack


  • The vehicle must have an AUX or multimedia interface (for example MDI, AMI)
  • Two devices can be connected to the Bluetooth receiver but only one device can stream the music.
  • Automatic connection of known devices
  • The device can be installed out of sight, because it has no knobs or keys, which must be served
  • If the vehicle has no USB interface you need to use item 38097 for power supply via the cigarette lighter.