DAB+ Antenna module for VW Golf 7

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DAB+ Antenna module for VW Golf 7

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Car model:
  • 如果你的高尔夫7 VII没有当初的DAB +天线有此天线模块是必需的
  • 它是导航系统之间切换和原始高尔夫天线,以提取从原来的后窗的天线DAB广播信号(文章编号41321)


  • 大众高尔夫7轿车
  • 大众高尔夫7变


  • 天线模块
  • 马具


  • 仅适用于具有DAB +收音机接收国
  • 安装简便快捷
  • 使用在后窗湾的现有天线电缆连接到仪表板
  • 即插即用安装
  • 无需其它DAB天线
  • 但不是必需的高尔夫与OEM DAB天线,而不是需要FAKRA SMB适配器(代码:41337)

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  • This antenna module is required when your Golf 7 VII doesn't possess an original DAB+ antenna
  • It is connected between the navigation system (Item number: 41321) and the original Golf antenna to extract the DAB+ radio signal from the original rear window antenna

Selectable options:

  • VW Golf 7 Limousine
  • VW Golf 7 Variant

Scope of delivery:

  • antenna module
  • cable set


  • only necessary for countries with DAB+ radio reception
  • easy and fast installation
  • using the existing antenna cable in the Golf of the rear window to the dashboard
  • Plug & Play installation
  • no additional DAB antenna necessary
  • not required for golf with OEM DAB antenna, a Fakra SMB adapter is required instead (item number: 41337)